What Makes ProCoat's UnoCoat Hardwax Uroil Different from Other Floor Coatings?

March 14, 2018

The world of flooring is incredibly diverse. Unlike a timber beam or a piece of drywall, floors are complex systems composed of many different components. Each choice you make plays a role in determining the finished product's ability to stand up to abuse, wear and weathering, so it's critical to research all of the options thoroughly.

Even the elements that you don't really think about desert careful consideration. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to overlook the finish that goes on top of the hardwood after you've finished the sanding, staining and buffing. Here's why so many property owners and builders favor UnoCoat Hardwax Uroil from ProCoat.


You Don't Have to Worry About VOCs


VOCs, or volatile organic components, are gasses that get leached out of solid materials over time. Although not all VOCs are harmful, the EPA notes that prolonged exposure may be related to many different adverse health effects, such as cancer, organ damage, headaches, and irritated eyes or airways.

Will choosing a floor coating that releases VOCs immediately make you sick? Probably not, but these chemicals cause serious problems in the long run, so they're best avoided in closed spaces like homes and offices. 

UnoCoat Hardwax Uroil completely does away with VOCs, so this product is far healthier. It's also more ecologically sound.

Maintenance Isn't an Issue


UnoCoat Hardwax Uroil was made to last without requiring constant touchups even in commercial settings. For most people, simply vacuuming and mopping as needed is enough to keep their floors looking pristine. If you'd like a bit more shine, ProCare also makes Citrus Floor Cleaner and Oil Refresher products specifically formulated for use with products like this one.

Application Is Easy


This floor coating is a one-can affair. Although many alternatives force you to find another container for mixing in an activator, this one leaves room for you to add it and get to work. It's also designed to be highly forgiving, so even if you aren't too precise, you can still create smooth, even results.




Universal Compatibility


Few things are worse than getting ready to protect your flooring investment only to discover that your coating doesn't match your stain or stick to the kind of wood you've got. UnoCoat comes in more than 26 shades that have been carefully matched to common stains, and it works no matter what wood species you're coating. 

Picking building components should never be a mere popularity contest: No matter what other people say, you need to choose something that works for your unique residential or commercial space. That being said, UnoCoat Hardwax Uroil is popular with good reason. 

Want more tips on picking the best floor treatment? Take a look at the ProCoat lineup to expand your horizons and improve your property.

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