UnoCoat Activator 8 oz. is included with each quart order. 

UnoCoat Hardwax Uroil - 2 Component

SKU: 7180261130166
  • ProCoat UnoCoat is the first breed of hardwax uroil that colors and protects wood in a single coat. Unlike leading competitors' oils, UnoCoat is a urethane modifed hardwax oil that exhibits unprecedented durability. Once crosslinked, UnoCoat will exhibit optimal performance traits such as ultimate durability, superior water resistance and faster curing. 

    • 0% VOC, Eco-Friendly
    • Easy maintenance
    • No overlaps or starting applicator marks
    • Excellent touch up, and application forgiveness
    • Can be used on all wood species
    • Sheen: Silk Matte, low natural luster
    • Normal Coverage: (300-400 sqft per quart)
      • Textured floors coverage (200-300 sqft per quart
    • Normal use: 24-36 hours
    • Packaging: 1 Quart w/ 8 oz. Activator
    • NO need for mixing container, head space for UnoCoat Activator

    How to Maintain Hardwax Uroil: Dust Mop floor regularly. Use ProCare Citrus Floor Cleaner for normal maintenance. The use of our ProCare Oil Refresher will refresh high traffic areas. Use the Oil Refresher up to 4 times a year for residential.

    Maintenance Free: If the maintenance is no longer desired. One coat of Splashdown wood sealer and top coat of AquaPro two component floor finish will exhibit commercial durability with no additional mantenance. Just vacuum and mop when necessary.