• Cleans and enhances natural beauty of oiled floors
  • Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable
  • Made from all natural vegetable oils
  • If quanitity desired is more than 10 bottles, please select our 12-32 ounce case packaging. Purchasing by the case will allow for free shipping. USE PROMO CODE: AR501

Pro-Care® Oil Refresher 32 oz.

  • Pro-Care Oil Refresher maintains and protects the surface of previously oiled floors. It cleans and lightly re-oils floors providing additon protection of the wood thereby providing water and dirt resistance from the first day of use. The natural color of the wood is enhanced by the use of the product. Oil Refresher is made from natural vegetable oils with no added fragrances or solvent.



    Should be used when the wood floor begins to look dull and lifeless. Don't reapply Oil Refresher less than 36 hours after last oil application. In normal circumstances the product should not be used more than 4 times a year. Be careful not to apply too much Oil Refesher, may cause streaks or footprints. If this occurs clean the floors thoroughly using Pro-Care Citrus Floor Cleaner. 



    • Always make sure your hardwax oiled hardwood floor has been swept/vacuum clean and free of dirt and debris before applying Oil Refresher.
    • Oil Refresher should always be shaken well before using.
    • Simply spray the Oil Refresher onto your oiled hardwood floor and clean in sections using a microfiber cloth, untreated cloth, or other suitable untreated mop.
    • Allow the floor to dry approximately 1-2 hours before walking on it
    • If a low shine is desired the floor can be buffed with a white pad.
    • As needed, use Pro-Care Citrus Floor Cleaner or Oil Refresher to help restore the richness and beauty of your oiled hardwood floor.
    • For commercial applications an increased maintenance schedule is required.
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