• PRO-COAT NANOWEAR is a blend of aluminum oxide nano-particulates exclusively formulated to add unmatched wear and scratch resistance to any water-based coatings, sealers, and paints. NANOWEAR is most commonly used for top coat applications. This unique nano technology provides additional advantages to water based products. Such as increasing UV resistance. This aids in preventing fading from sunlight. Simply pour two ounces into a gallon of your favorite water based top-coat product. Mix well.

    • Additional Durability up to 3x factory specifics
    • Easy to Use

    • No sheen change

    • No Discoloration

    • V.O.C. Compliant

    • UV light resistant

    Available: 8 Ounces - Treats 4 Gallons

    Call for pricing in large quantities

  • If Pro-Coat products are proved defective, the user's exclusive remedy will be at Pro-Coat's option, to replace the defective Pro-Coat products or to refund the purchase price for the defective quantity. Except for the replacement or refund remedies, Pro-Coat is not liable for direct damages or liable for indirect, incidental or consequential damages, regardless of teh legal theory asserted, including negligence and strict liability.