At Professional Coatings, we put over 30 years experience to work to ensure the success of your flooring projects. We’re pleased to be your trusted source for industry leading, low-odor, eco-friendly floor coatings, additives and maintenance products. At Pro-Coat®, we offer smart solutions that allow your floors to be back up and running in a matter of hours instead of days. Whether you’re a business owner who’s not willing to sacrifice revenue, or a homeowner who wants to avoid the hassles of slow-drying, strong-smelling polyurethane coatings, ProCoat® can help. We invented the technology behind these fast-curing, low odor flooring products and our professional team is ready to help you every step of the way.

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Flooring Contractor Products and Equipment from ProCoat

As a flooring contractor, you strive to provide the best service for your customers. To do this you need to be equipped with the right tools and the best flooring products available. Professional Coatings Inc has been a partner of floor contractors for years, providing them high quality floor coatings and equipment to help them get the job done. We are the trusted leader in the industry for low-odor, eco-friendly floor coatings, additives and floor maintenance products. Call us today to find out more about our Flooring Contractor partnerships.

Site Applied UV Floor Finish Products and Equipment

ProCoat is the original innovator of the site applied UV floor finish. In 2007, ProCoat commercialized the first ever onsite UV cured waterborne floor finish. This means there is no downtime, odor, waxing or premature wear for all of your floor curing jobs.


Radcoat has been proven to provide the fastest curing possible. Polyurethane floor finishes take up to 30 days to fully cure, and waterborne finishes cure in about a week. Radcoat floor finishes fully cure in just 1 day. This finish is ideal for a wide variety of floor types including wood, cork, concrete, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and Chilewis plynyl (woven mats).


Contact ProCoat today to learn how to become a Radcoat Certified Contractor. ProCoat also offers HID Ultraviolet and DecoRad UV curing equipment for contractors just starting out with UV curing.

Waterborne and Oil Modified Floor Finishes

ProCoat’s Waterborne and Oil-Modified Waterborne finishes and sealants are great for flooring contractors that install and maintain wood flooring for their customers. We understand every wood floor has different needs and uses, which is why we have several products and sheens to choose from. These options include:



  • Aqua-Pro Waterborne Wood Finish - Aqua-Pro™ is a non-yellowing waterborne urethane wood finish. Due to new polymerization technology, this chemistry yields a product that can be used as a single or two component system. This coating is used by the NBA, NCAA and the YMCA for their courts.



  • H2Oil® - H2Oil® is a one-component oil modified water based urethane. This high performance coating has the depth and gloss of an oil modified urethane.  This product is recommended for the home, sports courts and other commercial uses.


  • Titan - Titan™ is a high performance polycarbonate urethane technology that offers true high impact and scratch resistance when needed most. 



  • Splashdown - Splashdown™ is a high solids, adhesion promoted, self-crosslinking water based wood sealer. This product can be buffed into powder and ready for succeeding coats in as little as a 1-2 hours. Splashdown™ is formulated for use on newly sanded domestic and exotic woods.

If you work on residential, restaurant or sport facilitie’s wooden floors trust ProCoat’s floor products to provide the best results possible.

H2oil from procoat
Titan Waterbourne Wood Finish
Splashdown Waterbourne Wood Sealer

Waterborne and Oil Modified Floor Finishes

If you are looking for additives to enhance a job or need cleaning and maintenance products for your flooring, ProCoat offers several products to enhance your product offering to customers.

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If you are looking for additives to enhance a job or need cleaning and maintenance products for your flooring, ProCoat offers several products to enhance your product offering to customers.